Al-Husban Solar Energy Foundation

Al-Husban Team with his Majesty King Abdullah

Who are we?

Al-Husban solar energy Foundation Is a leading Jordanian Solar Systems manufacturing company started its activities in the field since 2008.

Ever Since, it's been registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Industry Trade under the number of (200220).

Providing solar energy for everyone

Al-Husban Foundation in Lines

Provide a wide range of top-quality products and services in the field of renewable energy systems, Smart aquaponics agriculture technology and lighting systems. With high-quality products that is distinguished by its efficiency, reliability, conformity to International quality standards, and commitment to society.

Al-Husban Foundation Vision

To be a contributor to the development of green and sustainable technology in Jordan and the Arab world.

Solar energy uses and solutions

Al-Husban Foundation Mission

To design, develop, and deliver innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that get results: lowering energy use, decreasing carbon footprints, and cutting costs while improving the comfort and health of people.

Quality Policy

Al-Husban solar energy Foundation is committed to serve its customers and meet their needs and expectations in the design, manufacture and supply of reliable and innovative technologies and products for Renewable Energy Solutions using modern practices of management and engineering.

Al-Husban solar energy Foundation is committed to continuing improvement of its products and services to achieve increased customer satisfaction as well as to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and its continuing improvement. Al-Husban solar energy Foundation is committed to the above while aiming to achieve profits.