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• Solar Thermal Systems

• Solar Lighting Systems

• Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Al-Husban solar energy Foundation is a regional leader in the development of turn-key solar photovoltaic systems which provide a safe, reliable, maintenance-free and environment-friendly source of power with a typical life cycle of 25 years or more.

Solar photovoltaic systems offer many advantages, including but not limited to the following:

Safe, clean and quiet to operate

Reflects your environmentally-conscious vision

Highly reliable

Require virtually no maintenance

Operate cost-effectively in remote areas and for many residential and commercial applications; they are flexible and can be expanded at any time to meet new electrical needs.

Our team has the engineering capability and the technical experience to design, deliver and operate a full suite of grid-connected, off-grid solar photovoltaic systems and Solar pumping systems that range from solar lighting, small residential systems, to large-scale power systems for agricultural, educational, health facilities, industrial & for investment.

Al-Husban solar energy Foundation proud of the partnership with an international network of world-leading technology developers which enables us to offer our local and regional clients a wide range of premium quality, high-output, and cost effective solar photovoltaic systems.

• Smart Aquaponics Systems

• Metal Work

• Cables different types and modifications